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Ransomware Outlook 2023


Ransomware as a service has become one of the main cyber threats globally. The capacity for operational disruption against the victim’s organization once the data from their networks has been encrypted and the extortion begins implies a negative impact that transcends the monetary aspect and involves other areas such as the prestige of the victim’s company brand, that of its clients and suppliers and, in some scenarios, even transcends the physical plane.

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In this edition you will discover:

  • What is Ransomware as a service? Who is behind it and how was the business model consolidated?
  • Is Ransomware a weapon of political pressure? Find out how attacks impact international conflicts, such as Russia and Ukraine.
  • What were the biggest attacks in recent times? We share the most affected sectors and the technologies used.
  • What are the most current techniques and tactics? We analyze the trends in each stage of the attacks, from the gateway to the ransom demand. 
  • How to protect your company? We take a closer look at how to prevent and act in the face of a Ransomware attack.




Expert analyses

Up-to-date information

Analysis of real cases

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