Cybersecurity in the railway sector


Download our guide to cybersecurity in the railway sector and establish new lines of action to protect yourself 

Download our guide to cybersecurity in the railway sector

  • The implementation of digital technologies in the railway sector has achieved a significant increase in efficiency in all areas, whether in business processes or their management. But has it been accompanied by adequate protection?


    As a result of integration, the security perimeter to be protected has been extended beyond the physical perimeters and has put its OT systems at the center of the cybercriminals' target, since their commitment can interrupt operations, affecting the continuity of an essential service such as transportation. What can we do about it?

    The best way to start protecting yourself is to be aware of the sector's weaknesses in terms of cybersecurity:

    - Limited application of security criteria in systems design
    - Concept of 'security by obscurity'
    - Lack of awareness of the risks inherent to industrial environments.
    - Over-reliance on physical access control.
    - And that's not all!

    Want to know more? Our guide to cybersecurity in the railway sector analyzes the new risks facing the industry, the motivations and the actors involved. Download it here.

What you will find:


New risks in the mobility of the future


We analyze the risks and main barriers to the implementation of cybersecurity activities in the railway sector.


Main security weaknesses


The main obstacles to ensuring security are due to the fact that measures are generally implemented after the fact, which limits their effectiveness.


Our experience

At S2 Grupo we have extensive experience in working with cybersecurity in the mobility sector and, particularly, the railway sector.

About S2 Grupo


S2 Grupo is the benchmark company in Europe and Latin America in terms of cybersecurity and cyber intelligence, with a commitment to the development of its own technology that has notably contributed to strengthening the cyber defense of strategic companies and public administrations.

S2 Grupo has more than 15 years of experience and a staff of 450+ professionals specialized in cybersecurity and operation of critical systems environments, of which about 85% are graduates in Computer Engineering, Telecommunications Engineering and Industrial Engineering and with numerous personal and business certifications.

Our team works according to the best security practices. Every day at S2 Grupo we fight against cyber threats and for the protection of our clients' cybersecurity.

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